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Epicor Tops the Charts for 2017 ERP Rankings

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There are always tradeoffs with ERP systems, especially for use in different markets. Epicor scores highly for functionality across the board. Because of the cost of ERP systems, it’s important that businesses see the quickest ROI possible. Epicor allows businesses to quickly justify their initial investments.

ERP Problems

Most companies began using ERP software at the turn of the 21st century. Implementing systems was a costly proposition that often ran into millions of dollars. Since then, organizations have had to stay current through periodic upgrades.

As time went by, software upgrades didn’t offer customers the features they needed. Support was often less than stellar. Adding to the problems is the fact that support issues often arise from the organization's use of custom code. But software vendors don’t support custom code and the customers are left trying to deal with problems themselves.

The Epicor Solution

Epicor ERP was designed with the needs of today’s users in mind. It helps organizations take advantage of the current economic landscape, delivering choice, flexibility and agility to drive business growth and increase profitability. The system’s modular approach allows organizations to reduce cost, streamline processes, and improve customer responsiveness.

Epicor’s flexible, scalable ERP can be customized to fit an organization’s specific needs and budget.

Important Considerations

Let’s look at some of the important considerations involved with selecting an ERP system. While detailing these criteria, we’ll look at how Epicor ranks for each one.

Market Share

While an ERP system’s market share doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best on the market, it is one indicator. The degree of market penetration can indicate the amount of money the developer spends on R&D. Epicor’s market share puts it squarely in the top ten ERP systems.

Implementation Time

To quickly realize the most ROI, ERP systems need to be deployed as quickly as possible. According to independent research conducted by Panorama Consulting Solutions, Epicor is one of the top 10 ERP vendors in terms of implementation time, with a rating of 37.5 months.

Implementation Costs

The amount of money organizations spend on ERP implementation varies widely, from hundreds of thousands of dollars to tens of millions of dollars, depending on the size of the company. To come up with meaningful figures, the study considered the implementation costs associated with different company sizes. The results are expressed as a percentage of the organization’s annual revenue. Epicor scored 5.4 in the top ten ranking among ERP vendors.

ERP System Functionality

When an organization purchases a new ERP system, it's seeking functionality that will meet its specific needs. As might be expected, each ERP system has partcular strengths and weaknesses. A system that works well for one organization may lack specific features that make it valuable for another. Epicor ranks third of the top ten vendors for system functionality.

Time to Realize Business Benefits

Time is money. One factor the study examined was the length of time it took for companies to reach the point where the benefits of the ERP system passed the break-even point and began to show a return on their initial investment. This ranges from months to years. Epicor comes in at 8.6 months, ranking number two out of the top ten ERP vendors.

How Epicor Enables Growth

With the different ERP systems available today, it’s important to select the one that best meets the needs of your organization. Epicor’s ERP will allow your organization to grow its business and reach new markets. Epicor expands with your changing needs with configurable real-time mobile capabilities. Epicor ERP offers five key principles that provide faster time to value:

  1. More effective collaboration: Allows employees, customers and suppliers to build inspired relationships.
  2. A choice of deployment options: Choose from on-premises, hosted, or cloud deployment.
  3. Responsiveness: Allows for rapid deployment.
  4. Simplicity: Increases scalability and performance.
  5. Mobility Solutions: Extends value to remote users.
Epicor delivers ERP and retail solutions to 20,000 customers around the world. With so many customers using Epicor ERP software systems, it’s not surprising that Epicor took the number one spot as top solution by SelectHub in 2016.